Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Fast-Paced Spy Thriller that will have Readers on the Edge of Their Seats

Jack Freeman’s ‘Operation Doublepayback’ is an adventure that will take readers all over the world as the plot thickens and the pressure builds

A thrilling and fast-paced ride that takes the reader all over the world, Operation Doublepayback is a spy thriller with plenty of intrigue, danger, and even a bit of romance.  Lovers of the genre will find themselves furiously flipping pages, following the twists and turns of this heart-pounding story to reach the phenomenal conclusion.

The year is 1961.  Max Blue thought he’s left his past well behind him when, after a series of misfortunes and upper-echelon deception led him to leave the CIA.  Now living in London with his Iranian wife, Azar, and making a quiet living as a bookseller, he finds that his past has definitely caught up with him: another CIA officer named Jack Johnson is blackmailing him into danger.

Johnson demands that Max and Azar infiltrate a dangerous Iranian revolutionary terror group, RPI.  This infiltration will turn their once-peaceful lives upside down, as they race from city to city all over the globe, trying to stay one step ahead of the game.  From assassinations in Amsterdam, to attacks on London’s U.S. Embassy, to a bomb plot in Berlin, Max and Azar cannot escape the danger they’re in.  When Azar and Jack begin to find themselves attracted to each other, and an old affair of Max’s is revived at the Edinburgh Festival, it’s no longer just their safety on the line.  When Max and Azar end up in New York City during the Cuban Missile Crisis, they must work together to prevent a near-certain disaster as a faction of the RPI prepares to launch an attack that could lead the world’s superpowers directly into a worldwide nuclear war.

Readers will find themselves hanging on to every thrill that Operation Doublepayback has to offer.  Author Jack Freeman perfects the spy thriller genre in this harrowing and exciting book, available now for readers everywhere.

Jack Freeman

Jack Freeman is a long-researcher in creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making.  Using settings he has experienced firsthand throughout his travels, Jack enjoys putting his characters into dangerous situations in which they have to act quickly and think even faster.  
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