Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Fascinatingly Realistic Science Fiction Adventure

Wallace Provost’s ‘The Moon Is Not for Sale’ uses technology as we know it to create a futuristic world on the moon that lovers of sci-fi will revel in.

Author Wallace Provost gives lovers of science fiction a book to truly revel in with The Moon Is Not for Sale.  Provost’s attention to detail and intriguing characters make this a novel that readers will be easily drawn into, losing themselves in the futuristic and fascinating world that Provost has created.

Life on the Moon is not all it’s cut out to be.  Temperatures both day and night are deadly and unbearable.  There are few places to hide from the blistering heat and the freezing cold.  However, two people are determined to make it work, despite the danger and difficulty that challenges their dreams.  Annie Taylor, a law student, came to the moon to harvest Helium 3, a precious element that not only solved the energy crisis, but also prevented World War III.  

Trapped on the moon during a Helium storm, she is saved by Clint Baker and taken to his family’s ranch, started by Tex and Dolly Baker, who simply wanted to create a bit of their Dallas, Texas home on the strange and airless moon.  Although Annie must return to Earth to solve her sister’s murder, she follows the murderer when he escapes to the Moon.  Once there, her life becomes a complicated series of events involving power, control, and law.  Appointed Lieutenant Governor of the Moon, she must arrange a world where the land is not under control, and the people are free to live out their hopes.  

Already being lauded by readers as being “about science, not fantasy”, The Moon Is Not for Sale is an exciting science fiction ride to the Moon and back, and will capture readers’ imaginations from the first page to the last.

Wallace Provost

Wallace Provost has led a fascinating life.  His work as an electronic technician allowed him a glimpse into science, and his eagerness to learn prompted him to return to school after the age of 50 and receive Master’s degrees in both Philosophy and Sociology.  He taught at several schools before moving to Amarillo, Texas, to open up his own computer repair shop.  Now retired, Wally spends as much time writing as he can and enjoys his time with his large family: 11 children, 50 grandchildren, and 40 great-grandchildren.  The Moon Is Not for Sale is his first full novel.

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