Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Most Important Passport You’ll Ever Have

Dr. Anne Marie Evers’ ‘Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness’ is changing readers’ lives all over the globe

Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness, now in its eighth edition, is still helping people to make their dreams come true!  Best-selling author Dr. Anne Marie Evers shares her Affirmations with readers in order to help each day be more positive and fruitful throughout their lives.

Dr. Evers’ Affirmations are simple, easy-to-use tools to help readers realize their fullest potential.  Each chapter covers a separate aspect of readers’ lives, enabling them to read the book cover to cover, or simply find the Affirmation that they need the most for any particular area of their lives.  Affirmations addresses a myriad of topics, including overcoming fear and phobias, relationships, marriage and family, health (especially related to weight reduction and control) and retirement, making it appropriate for readers of all ages and at all stages of life.

Affirmations utilizes such tools as practical exercises and inspiring anecdotes, making the affirmations within easy for readers to identify with and use to their maximum potential.  

Readers everywhere are raving about this small but powerful book, saying that the affirmations have “helped keep life on track” and calling it a “blessing”.  Even readers that have never before found affirmations useful or integral to their lives have changed their tune after using Evers’ methods.  Providing a “short hand” for readers to write out their own affirmations, giving guidance on how to do affirmations correctly for those who have tried them before, and inspiring positive thought and action is something Evers excels at.

Regardless of why readers will pick up Affirmations: Your Passport to Happiness, they will undoubtedly find something entirely useful and emotionally uplifting in its pages, leading them to a happier, more successful, and more centered life.

Dr. Anne Marie Evers

Dr. Anne Marie Evers is a ‘Best-Selling Author’ of many books and e-books on the power of Affirmations and co-author with Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer and others in the ‘Best-Selling Series of Wake Up and Live the Live you Love in Spirit. She is also Creator and Reader of the popular Cards of Life! She is an Ordained Minister and has her Doctorate of Divinity. Dr. Evers is CEO of Affirmations International Publishing Company and she is an International Motivational Speaker; Workshop/Seminar Facilitator on the Power of Affirmations, Goal-Setting, Positive Thinking and more.

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