Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Small-Town with Many Secrets

Author Don Wooldridge explores small-town life in his newest title, ‘The Secrets of Clayton County’

Author Don Wooldridge goes from the big city to small town America to examine the passions which make us human in his new book, The Secrets of Clayton County.  Using a 1982 tax law as the basis for an intriguing and layered story, Wooldridge dives deep beneath the surface of small town life to find the treasures that lie within.

Sarah Hunter, a lovely IRS examiner and self-proclaimed city girl, is sent to a small river town in Iowa to investigate people who may or may not be tax resisters.  Using a system of bartering, the residents of this town may be trying to avoid paying the government their due – or they may have found a simpler, more pleasurable way of life.

In addition to the trying aspects of her profession, Sarah is also stuck in a romantic limbo; torn between a live-in boyfriend she’s left behind in Chicago, and not one but three men in the small town of Clayton, Sarah has decisions to make that could affect the rest of her life.  In the midst of everything, a tornado blows through town, tearing up everything in its path – including a man who has rescued Sarah from disaster several times now.  As she stays by his side until his injuries heal, she must determine whether or not the government is using her knowledge of the small town’s secrets to ruin the lives of those she has come to know.

An intriguing novel with a less-than-ordinary premise, The Secrets of Clayton County is a rich tapestry of the things we love and the things we learn.  With a protagonist that readers will be able to easily relate to, and a story that’s as entertaining as it is engrossing, readers will no doubt be flipping the pages of this novel furiously, eager to discover where Sarah ends up.

Don Wooldridge

Born and raised in Davenport, Iowa, Don Wooldridge received his teaching degree from Texas State University.  For more than twenty years, he managed service training operations for three Fortune 500 companies.  When economic issues inspired a career change for Don, he and his wife ended up in the Metro Phoenix area, working in Golf Course and Landscape Management.  Now living in Mesa, AZ, with his wife, Don is grateful for the time he spent living along the Mississippi River, and shares the faith that the small-town values and lifestyle will be everlasting.  His other titles include My Rules to Live By and The Money Tree.

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