Monday, November 5, 2012

Organized Crime

In his page-turning thriller, Blue Baja, David J. Holleman explores the brutality, corruption, and disturbing nature of organized crime.  Holleman artfully interweaves three different crime organizations to portray each facet of organized crime, reflecting similar qualities among some, and revealing more components through the various families.  Through the fictional crime families of the Huerta organization in Mexico, the Cerione organization in New Orleans, and the Brown organization in Chicago, readers are given unsettling depictions of the often glamorized life of the mafia.

JoJo Comeaux, an enforcer for Cerione, develops a prowess for killing without remorse that gains notoriety, not only within the Cerione organization, but also by the mob in Philadelphia, making him highly sought after for his skill in sending a “message” to would-be usurpers and those who attempt to challenge the established regimes.  

Luis Huerta takes over the drug trade in Baja through a coup that is unparalleled in its sadistic and shocking nature.  His extreme brutality, leaving a line of headless bodies and pile of heads in his wake, causes his men to wonder “what kind of a devil they have hooked up with.”  Huerta exhibits a complete disregard for human life, as women, children, and anyone who stands in his way become casualties in his ambitious reign.

The violence of Huerta’s regime largely reflects the unsettling violence that occurs just beyond our border in the drug wars in Mexico, in which men like Huerta go to shocking extremes to usurp and maintain power. Similarly, the Cerione and Brown organizations are reflective of many of the crime organizations in our own country, on which we have been left to reflect as news of the apprehension of Boston crime boss, James “Whitey” Bulger, pervades our headlines.  Blue Baja has a riveting plot that keeps readers utterly compelled from cover to cover, keeping them at the edges of their seats as he explores the violent nature of organized crime, the corruption and systems that are in place to protect it, and its far-reaching control.

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