Monday, November 12, 2012

The Cost Of Crime

In his page-turning thriller, Blue Baja, David J. Holleman chronicles the inner workings of organized crime, artfully rendering it by adding the human element, depicting the toll that it takes on those involved.  Luis Huerta, drug kingpin in Baja, is incredibly successful, yet crime takes a great toll on his family.

Although crime has admittedly “been good to him,” Huerta “felt old beyond his years, and perhaps he was succumbing to woes that a life filled with the very tensions of living on the edge would bring.”  Huerta continually worries about the “constant sniping” of the would-be usurpers who thirst for the empire that he has created; there are many attempts on his life and he has faced the loss of many of his favored henchmen.

In an attempt to protect his family from those who would do them harm to get to him, Huerta secludes them from society, where they are driven to madness, plagued by loneliness and inner demons.  Huerta’s wife, Rosa, takes to excessive drinking and his son, Claudio, is deprived of human interaction, thus becoming a sexual pervert and sadistic individual.  Rosa and Claudio do not even leave the house for school or church, as Huerta provides a tutor and home visits from a local priest.  Their utter seclusion from society pushes them into the depths of insanity and creates a deeply disturbing bond between the two of them, yielding an incestuous relationship and great tragedy within the family.

While crime and the life of mob bosses is often glamorized by television and movies, Holleman paints a far different picture, revealing the cost that crime plays within the private lives of those in power.  At the hand of a skilled writer, Blue Baja provides readers with a thrilling plot and equally compelling psychological exploration of the darkest members of society.

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