Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Writing About When You Came Back

By Marjorie J McDonald

If you have ever been through a situation when you were not sure you would make it through you have an amazing story to share with others when you do come through. Regardless of what type of situation that was for you, getting through life adventures and how you did it is always of interest to others.

That can be getting through school, an illness or injury in your life or a family members, a move across country or across town or whatever else was something you were not sure that you would get through.

Gather your different experiences, what you did, how you used what you had and what happened to move you over the tipping point to success. How you felt as you were in the situation and after the situation.

What could you share with others in the same place so they could move through it with more ease and faster. Think back about the things others shared with you that helped you.

We have an amazing opportunity to help others. Often things we experience we never consider that those situations and how we used our problem solving ability to get through it might ever help someone else.
As part of everyday occurrences in our lives we just get through things somehow.

That is what I would like to encourage you to look at and think about how you did it. Write down the steps as a review. Then you could use that experience to get through the next situation that you have come up for you with more confidence in yourself. We can be cheerleaders for ourselves and for others in these new situations,

These stories are also great for fiction and can be told as is or have situations added to them for more drama, comedy or again whatever direction you would like to go. It is time to give ourselves more credit for getting through life.

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