Friday, July 10, 2009

Marketing For Authors - Six Great Ways to Market Your Book

By Lilia Fallgatter

As an author with a book to sell, I decided early on to learn as much as I could about the marketing aspect of the writing and publishing business that most authors know so little about. After all, we like writing and that is what we do. If we liked marketing, we would have gotten into that line of work, right? Well, the truth is that you may have written an incredible book, but no one will know about it and will not buy it unless you take steps to get the word out.

Whether your book was published in the traditional way or is self-published, it is your baby and no one other than you can speak as effectively regarding all aspects of it. No one will know as much or will be as passionate about it than you are. Luckily, there are relatively simple things you can do to publicize your work yourself. Furthermore, with technology being what it is and continually evolving, authors have more resources than ever at their disposal. Below are just six of the resources available to assist you:

1. Get a Website: In this day and age, it is important to establish an internet presence with a website or blog. In this medium, content is king. Utilizing your website to provide information about your book and area of expertise will help you to more quickly and easily connect with your audience.

2. Get a Blog: By regularly posting helpful content related to the subject area(s) in which you specialize, a blog, like a website, will help you establish a presence on the internet. Be sure to link your blog to your website.

3. Participate in Social Networking: Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide a new and powerful opportunity, not just to network with other like-minded souls, but it provides another forum by which to get the word out about your book.

4. Speak on your topic: Another effective method to communicate with others about you book, is to speak on the topic. Instead of doing a book signing, arrange to make a brief presentation in bookstores, or to groups that could benefit from your message. Better yet, if your subject matter lends itself to it, develop a workshop and arrange to offer the workshop through local colleges or organizations.

5. Write Articles: Writing articles related to your subject matter can go a long way in affirming your knowledge and expertise, as well as helping readers find you. Articles can be posted on your blog or submitted to the various article submission sites.

6. Record Podcasts: Podcasts are an effective way in which to reach prospective readers via audio. Using a voice (audio) recording program, you can easily record, save and export a audio file as an MP3 and embed it in your blog or website.

Any and all of these methods can be used as means of effectively letting the world know your baby has arrived.

Lilia L. Fallgatter is a workshop development consultant, motivational speaker, author of "The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Write, How To Tell Loved Ones How You Feel ~ Before It's Too Late.," and two soon to be released books: Get What You Want - Start Here, Start Now, and In the Spirit of Love, A Woman's Guide to Self-Empowerment. Her next workshop development teleseminar will be held soon. Visit to register. Website:

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  1. Thanks for the post. Good to know I'm doing almost everything right! Only thing I haven't explored is the podcasts.


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