Friday, July 10, 2009

How to Sell Your Book Using Twitter

By Mitchell Cogert

Twitter is the fastest growing social media site on the internet. Do you know how to use it to sell your book?

Think of selling on Twitter in the same way you would go about using online dating. You have never used an online dating service? Let me help.

When it comes to online dating, you have to post your profile and then you can search the profiles of other members. If you have a photo on the site, you are more likely to get interest and make a connection.
Of course, that connection is not something rude but a friendly message that starts the dialogue.

The same is true on Twitter. You can't just set up a profile and start sending tweets (what the messages are called on Twitter) to get people to buy your book. In fact, this is the main problem many people don't get about Twitter. They start selling, rather than make friendly connections.

How to use Twitter to sell your book:

Step 1. Set up a blog

A blog is important since you want to be able to take a person on Tweeter into your home--which is your blog. While everyone has a website, a website tends to have the tone of an office not a home. A blog on the other hand is personable, and it reflects more about you as a person. After all, how impressed is your date with your cube at the office?

Twitter is social. A blog is social.

Step 2. Show up

Like a dating site, you have to sign up on Twitter and create a profile. You can use your name or part of your name for Twitter name. Or, you can use your book title. There is a trade-off.

Your name is friendly and it indicates you are going to be more likely to be a real person helping on Twitter. A book title will help to quickly identify that you are associated with a book and get some value when someone Google's your book title.

However, I recommend that you go with name. Twitter is social, so be real and use your name.

Oh yeah, you should post a photo rather than a book picture.

Your blog address will be posted on your Twitter page, so everyone who comes to your Twitter page can visit your blog.

Step 3. Add value

To add value means that you are giving your followers reasons to believe you are a helpful contributing member on Twitter. You add value by doing things like:

a. When you have a new blog entry that is related to your book and/or the area of interest your book is about, tweet about it and link it to your blog.

b. Tweet with people about things not about book. For example, if you have a dog, and notice that someone tweets about his dog, tweet back. While you are not selling your book, you are demonstrating that you are not just on Twitter to sell.

e. Have fun with Twitter. Twitter is a friendly, social meeting place that allows you to build relationships and sell your book.

Like online dating, you need to do more than show-up. You need to make an effort and start having conversations with potential dates.

Step 4: Build trust. Build the relationship. Get Sales

When you tweet about your blog posts, you are going to get people interested in what you have to say. Not everyone will visit your blog, but you will find that the more you post, the more visitors you will get into your home.

You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. On Twitter, there are no frogs and you don't have to find a prince. All you have to do is to get users to your blog. The more visitors, the more sales.

Use Twitter And Sales Will Happen
Twitter is a great place to interact with your potential readers and build a relationship that leads to sales. Don't be a pushy salesperson. Be real. Be a friend. You will be surprised how your sales will increase when you make an effort and use Twitter the right way.

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