Friday, July 10, 2009

New Authors - Create a 4 Step Video Campaign to Sell Your Books

By Paul Godines

For new authors getting the word out about your new book can be quite a challenge, your going to need to create a campaign to sell them. There are email and social network strategies, including a way to use video. Video can sell like no other medium, and you can easily create a simple and powerful campaign that will get the word out about your book.

Now the first step in creating a campaign is to understand that its a process, there are some very specific steps that can virtually guarantee your success. These videos do not have to be complicated with tons of actors or dialogue, just pick one point about your story that you want to share and talk about it.

You could have a friend interview you, or show your book and talk about the cover. You can talk about what you went through writing it, and what you plan on doing with the videos. Describe how often you will make videos and the subjects you plan on talking about. Once that's done go through the steps below;

Begin with;

1. Create Videos - Instead of just making one video you will need to make several, one a week is a good starting point. Your going to build interest, and get your viewer to get to know like and trust you. Video will draw them into the story line, much like a soap opera does.

2. YouTube - post your videos on YouTube, this will give you maximum exposure, as well as making it easy for anyone to have access to them.

3. Blog - In addition to the exposure on YouTube they will give you some code you can use to post the video on your web page, blog and anywhere else you want on the net. As a matter of fact ask your friends to post them on their blogs and to help you get the word out about what your trying to do.

4. Social Networks - You should take some time and go to and set up accounts on Png.Fm or They make it easy to leverage your time by taking one post and spreading it to 50 different of social networking sites in less than 15 minutes. Do this with your blog post and your YouTube videos, post a link and begin to spread the word.

At the end of each video invite them to a page that permits them to stay in touch with you. And than every 2 weeks invite to go to your sales page where they can get their very own copy.

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