Saturday, July 4, 2009

How To Write A Book, 4 Simple Strategies

By Bob Burnham

Writing a book can seem overwhelming. It does not matter if you have written ten books or you are just starting your first, there's a lot that goes into getting a book from A to Z. Here are four simple strategies to make writing a book MUCH easier.

Book writing strategy #1. Hire a ghostwriter! Seriously, ghostwriters can save a tremendous amount of time and energy. They can take the process from outline to typesetting or simply create a first draft for you and you do the rest. A ghostwriter can be hired to handle any or all aspects of writing a book. In fact, you can hire a person to do all your research if you are determined to write the book but do not have the time to research. A note about research, write your book first marking where you would like to place a fact or need to do more research. It is much easier, and faster, to search for specific information than to simply do research for research's sake. Plus, if you are hiring someone to find the information you need, it will cost you less because it will take them less time to get the job done. .

Book writing strategy #2. Outline the book. Outlines are not your junior high school English teacher's way of forcing structure into your creative mind, they are a way for you to optimize your time. Outlines make it easy to focus on the task at hand. Imagine sitting down to your computer and writing. If you do not have an outline, where do you begin? What do you write about? If you have an outline, you know exactly what you're going to write about. And if you use our BRWT force technology the words will flow effortlessly onto the page. .

Book writing strategy #3. Schedule time into your day for writing. It does not have to be an all day process. You do not even have to make room for more than 30 minutes each day. Do you have thirty minutes? No? Twenty? Set aside time each day and your book will get done in no time. Using our BRWT Force Technology every five minutes you spend writing will result in a page written. Do the math...a 200 page book will be written in 1000 minutes. 1000 minutes is 16.66 hours. If you write for 30 minutes a day your book will be done in 33 days. 33 DAYS! Find your 30 minutes and get your book written! .

Book writing strategy #4. Don't be a perfectionist. Perfection is procrastination. You do not want to put off writing your book, you want it published now! Perfection does not exist. Write your book without editing. Let all of those typos, spelling, and grammar mistakes mar the page. Do not go back and fix them, do not pause to spell check. Write and write fast. When your book is done, then you go back and edit. It's a much faster and more efficient process. .

Writing a book does not have to be overwhelming. All it takes is a strategy and a commitment to getting your book on the shelves and into the hands of thousands of readers all around the world. Get writing! .

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Bob Burnham
Entrepreneur, Consultant and # 1 Amazon Best Selling Author of "101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book"

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