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How To Become An Author In 40 Days

By Bob Burnham

Forty days does not sound like a long time does it? In forty days you can actually get a lot done, and yes, you can write a book. How? Heck, I'm glad you asked...

How many hours are there in a day? We are not talking about the whole 24 hour thing; we are talking about actual awake and working hours. How many? If you wake every day at 7 and go to bed at 10 then you have 15 hours to work with right? Now presumably you eat during some of that time, you do household chores; you have to go to work too, right? So that's about 10 or 11 hours out of your day leaving 4 or 5 hours each day.

Assuming you spend some of that time relaxing or hanging out with friends and family you still have an hour or two, at the least, left each day. If you use even a small portion of that time, let's say 30 minutes a day, then you will complete your book in 40 days or less.

If you write like you talk in conversational style English you can write a page in 5 minutes. Write like you are writing a letter to your spouse and do not second guess yourself or edit and also write as fast as you can. The faster you write you will find the more it flows.

Using your outline, you focus on a single topic for five minutes and write without stopping. Five minutes of writing, without pausing to edit yourself or check the spelling of a word, results in one page of content. Now at first that might not sound like much. So what, you say, anyone can write a page in five minutes. I urge you to do the math. One page every five minutes for thirty minutes each day results in six pages a day, right?

Six pages a day for forty days results in 240 pages, more than enough for a complete and comprehensive book. Want a larger book? Add ten more minutes a day to your writing process. Now you're writing eight pages a day. Forty days later you'll have a 320 page book.

One of the keys to writing your book in 40 days is outlining your book in advance. The outline process is fairly straightforward. Begin by writing at least 10 chapter topics. Break each chapter topic into 10 smaller points to cover. You now have 100 points - for example if you're writing a chapter on how to house train your dog then your points may be:
  • Your dog will make mistakes
  • Products to use to clean mistakes
  • Puppy proofing your home
  • Crating at night
Once your outline is written, each point is turned into a question. Why? Because answering a question is so much easier than writing an essay on a point. Answering a question makes the words flow easily onto the page. It means the difference between taking 30 minutes to write a page and 5 minutes to write a page.

Using the points above as questions the answers may be:
  • What to do when your dog has an accident
  • How to clean puppy accidents
  • How to keep your home disaster free
  • Should I keep my dog in a crate at night
To make the writing process as efficient and productive as possible use a blueprint or template and write 30 minutes per day. You will have your book finished before you know it and you have now officially Become An Author.

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  1. Thanks, Todd! I've hit a block (confessions of a perfectionist!) and I'm going to put this to work... 40 days from now I will have my first draft written. October 10, here I come!
    Thank you again,


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