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Murder, Mystery, and Hidden Treasure Free Download PDF of Fiend’s Gold Available on May 1st and 2nd

Wentworth M. Johnson’s ‘Fiend’s Gold’ is a fantastic mystery adventure that introduces readers to the newest treasure hunter out there, Bill Reyner.


Author Wentworth M. Johnson introduces readers to his truly unique character, William Reyner, in the exciting first book of the Bill Reyner mystery series, Fiend’s Gold.  A harrowing adventure that combines lost legend with the allure of treasure hunting, Fiend’s Gold is the perfect introduction to Bill and his interesting life.
The story begins with a legend; hundreds of years ago, the Fiend family, a wild and unpredictable bunch, came into possession of a large stash of gold.  Located on a floundering ship, the vast amount of gold wasn’t just bad luck to those on the ship; it brought nothing but sorrow to the Fiend family, as well.  Bandits, eager for a piece of the treasure, and gold fever ended the Fiend family, but they managed to hide the treasure before they all disappeared.

Many, many years later, millionaire Edgar Reyner purchased the island rumored to be the final home of Fiend’s gold.  Another casualty of the hidden treasure, he also died for his efforts, after gold fever and murderer took him.  In his will, he leaves the bulk of his estate to his lazy nephew, Bill Reyner, an estate which also includes the island.  After becoming the heirs of the Reyner fortune, Bill and his grandmother set off for the island, unaware of its legends and curses.  Upon arriving, they learn the old stories, and Bill makes the ill-fated decision to hunt out the gold himself.  When murder and chaos enter their lives, Bill and his grandmother must face their unknown assailant alone, if they ever want to find the vast fortune that is Fiend’s gold.
A fun and exciting mystery adventure, readers will love the hapless Bill, and will undoubtedly be eager to continue the series after journeying into the wonderful world of Bill Reyner.

Wentworth M. Johnson
Born in England, Wentworth Johnson now lives in Canada, and is the author of a large number of mystery adventure and science-fiction novels.  Having traveled all over the world, Wentworth worked at a television station for twenty years before an early retirement in 2000.  Fiend’s Gold is the first of nine books in the William Reyner Mystery Adventure series, all available now.

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