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A Dangerous World Free Today On Kindle!

Author Richard A. Valicek takes readers on an amazing journey through a world filled with medieval horror and fantasy in ‘Alamptria: Bloodstone Crypt’. 

May 15th Download Free on Kindle!

Author Richard A. Valicek takes readers on a wild and exciting adventure ride in his book, Alamptria: Bloodstone Crypt.  Filled with memorable, intriguing characters, an unconventional love story, and dangerous villains, Alamptria: Bloodstone Crypt is a perfect addition to the library of all lovers of the fantasy genre.
Set in the mythical land of Alamptria in the eighteenth century, the free people of Elysium are facing a powerful and dangerous threat from the evil force of Mount Drone, home of the dark lord Makoor and his legions of blood-drinkers.  A great elf-wizard, Grongone, from the land of Petoshine, has bestowed three claymores of unbelievable power upon three knights of Elysium.  These knights and this unimaginable power will shape the land and bestow freedom to those who dwell within it.  
Melina Hampshire, a beautiful and brave princess, has been fooled by the evil and treacherous Tyrus Clore, and has been taken to the land of Plaphorius, far from her home, where she is undergoing the terrible preparations of willingly giving herself over to the undead.  While her life hangs in the balance, a seed of vampires has been strategically placed in the city of Koriston, hoping to annihilate the entirety of the human race, and making the land a haven and home for the blood-drinkers and their evil masters.  Caprius Seaton, Melina’s soul mate, must enlist the help of the Elysian army to race against time to save her, and the world they know, from Tyrus Clore and his legion of doom before it is too late for all of them.
With richly written characters and a fantastical world that is, in many ways, no different than our own, Alamptira: Bloodstone Crypt will have readers furiously flipping pages until they reach the amazing conclusion of this stunning novel.

Richard A. ValicekBorn and raised in Toronto, Canada, Richard Valicek is of Croatian descent.  After graduating college with a degree in liberal studies, Richard began his writing career in 2001.  His first novel, ALamptria: Red Moon Rising went on to win the 2011 Buzzillions Reviewers Choice Award, and he later decided to rework the novel itself to create Alamptria: Bloodstone Crypt, once again engaging readers in the fascinating world of Alamptria.  
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