Monday, May 6, 2013

Indomitable, Unbreakable, and Purely Enjoyable

Jeanette Vaughan gives readers another glimpse into heroine Nora Broussard’s life in this stunning sequel, ‘Solo Vietnam’.

In this sequel to her wildly successful novel, Flying Solo, author Jeanette Vaughan gives readers another glimpse into the life of Nora Broussard, a daring aviatrix who follows her heart.  Beginning in sultry, 1960’s New Orleans, Solo Vietnam follows Nora as she travels through her life and an unforgettable time in America’s history.

A woman who dared to dream, Nora became a pilot.  Born with wanderlust and an urge to live bigger and greater than most believed she could, her freedom in the skies led to heartbreak at home.  In the continuing events of
Solo Vietnam, Nora’s heart still remains broken, but her spirit is as indomitable as ever.  When she learns that her star-crossed lover is thousands of miles from her, flying bombing missions in the dangerous jungles of Vietnam, she pledges to help him however she can.
When the U.S. government refuses to let her fly for the war, she turns to her other skills to get her where she needs to go.  She becomes a torch singing USO girl, traveling with Bob Hope, and gets more than she bargained for when the mortar attacks and napalm throw her life into uncertainty.  When Steve Novak, the love of her life, is shot down over Laos and declared MIA, Nora once again dares to risk everything to reconnect with him and soar above the expectations of women in her time.
A heart-stealing novel with an incredible heroine, Solo Vietnam will have readers rooting for Nora and her unbreakable spirit once more.  This stunning sequel does the original novel justice, and readers won’t be able to put it down until they’ve read the last page of Nora’s latest adventure.

Jeanette Vaughan

Jeanette Vaughan is an award winning writer and storyteller. Not only is she published in the periodicals and professional journals of nursing, but also in the genre of fiction. Out on her sheep farm, she has written several novels and scripts. Her screenplay "Angel of Mercy" won the outstanding nursing research award from Texas Tech University Health Science Center. In addition, she was named Distinguished Alumni for the school of nursing in 2001 for her written work and volunteerism for the Sydney Olympic Games. Her debut novel Flying Solo was a finalist in the Beverly Hills Book Awards. Jeanette has practiced nursing in the fields of critical care and trauma. She is the mother of four children, including two Navy pilots. She lives in a Victorian farmhouse out in the pastures of northeast Texas with her sheep, chickens, donkeys and sheep dogs. 

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