Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Heart-Pounding Thriller Ripped from Hidden Headlines

J. Douglas Knauer’s ‘Vendetta’ gives lovers of the thriller genre something to rejoice about

Author J. Douglas Knauer gives readers a heart-pounding, pulse-racing ride with Vendetta, a thriller that takes readers from the dusty streets of Iran to the heart of America on a perilous journey.  Readers will delight in Knauer’s use of current global issues to detail her novel, as the realism and vividness of the characters seep through the pages, taking readers directly into the story from the first intriguing sentence.
Readers are already singing the praises of this well-written novel, calling it a “great thriller, complex and well-written”.  Knauer’s novel is interwoven with underlying themes of loyalty, love, and the hidden prices that come with the need for revenge.  The characters are fleshed-out and original, and the plot is as fast-paced as it is enthralling.
Ava Sevani ignored her father’s warning, sent to her from beyond the Canadian border where he had been hiding.  Too late, she realized that she should have, as men began chasing her across Germany, leaving countless bodies in their wake.  A continent away, her fiancée, Dr. David Badalian, also needs to warn the pregnant Ava away from danger, but, since he was kidnapped immediately upon his arrival at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, his current dire straits render him unable to let her know that her life, and his, hang in the balance.  
Ava’s former lover, Canadian pipeline tycoon Dirk Brown, is determined to reclaim Ava.  Known to Homeland Security as a mercenary going by the name ‘Nail’, he has taken Dr. Badalian, intending to use him to relieve his pain from a spinal injury, and also to coerce Ava to come back into his life.  In addition, Ava’s father’s formula, a deadly mixture, is on his list of wants, putting Ava in more danger than she, her father, or her fiancée can imagine.  Nail’s manic desire to rid the world of the Republic of Islam is putting the world under a powerful threat, and it falls to Ava to help diffuse the danger he presents before it’s too late.

Judy Douglas Knauer

Judy Douglas Knauer is the author of four popular novels, including A Dirty Way to Die and Vendetta.  A former journalism reporter, she received fourteen journalism awards, including eight peer awards from the Illinois Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contests, Division B.  She now lives in northeast central Illinois, where, as a mom to two daughters and two sons, she enjoys writing, gardening, fishing, going on adventures with her husband, and knitting for her grandchildren.  To write Vendetta, she searched out buried stories and conducted interviews with a native Christian Iranian who escaped Iran in the 1980’s.

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