Thursday, May 23, 2013

YA Fantasy - The Healers - Free on Kindle 5-23-13


 Koemi can rescue people from their deepest despair. Harata can intuit a person's innermost thoughts. Eleanor can make sick people well.

None of them knows each other, but these three young people share an astounding destiny: they were born to heal the world...They are The Healers.

With the guidance of an old master named Agostino, the three teenagers embark on separate missions around the globe to vanquish the planet's darkest forces. Koemi saves people from self-destruction. Harata thwarts would-be terrorists. Eleanor instructs others on how to grow their natural psychic abilities. Individually, they are powerful agents of good. Melded together as a group, who knows what unimaginable energy might be unleashed?

That question is what drives the villainous Venceslao, who is on a mission to capture the three healers and others like them, then harness their talents for his own malevolent purposes. And it will be up to Koemi, Harata and Eleanor to find a way to stop this deadly adversary in time to save all of humankind from utter annihilation.

About the Author

Donna Labermeier has a bachelor's degree in English literature from Vanderbilt University and has spent years studying energy healing and spiritual development. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband and two daughters.
The Healers is her first book.

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