Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Human Beings Do Not Need Blind Faith to Believe in Creationism

The Most Extraordinary Discovery:
   The most extraordinary discovery in the field of religion in thousands of years, one that will affect Western civilization’s both secular and religious people, is the research findings of the sync between the Biblical story of creation with the teachings of modern science, and with this proof of creationism blind faith is no longer needed.

    The ramifications range from the social, to the political, and to the educational as school board battles between evolution theorists and those of intelligent design will be brought to an end.
Science teaches that the world was formed over 4 billion years ago, life started in the oceans, dinosaurs were not a mistake as birds evolved from them, the Sun was created at the same time as the Earth, etc. Now we learn that there is no conflict with the scrolls of Moses if we translate them using the etymologic derivate meanings of the key Hebrew words with their intended usage in the time period of the Exodus. That proper translation then gives us a story making the Bible (Torah, Old Testament) literally in sync with the teachings of modern science and ending all conflicts between them as this proof of creationism means blind faith is no longer needed.

    The research findings in question have been detailed in our book “WHY HUMAN BEINGS DO NOT NEED BLIND FAITH TO BELIEVE IN CREATIONISM.” This work should cause a new perspective on life for both religious and non-religious people. Religious people no longer need blind faith and non-religious people have to face a world that has proven there is a Supreme Being (otherwise how could the Bible have known all the scientific facts of the creation story showing their sync between Bible and science that proved creationism?).

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