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From the Author:

During my years from childhood to adulthood, I often wondered why I should believe that Mary gave birth to Jesus while she was a virgin, which indicated that Joseph was not biologically, the father of Jesus. Concluding that it is the New Testament that made the story real, I conducted an in-depth study into the life of Christ Jesus. It seemed Jesus was at an advantage because he was born from a spiritual Father but so was Adam who sinned, which would prove the situation fair. Since that Jesus is the last Adam and Alpha then we who have been born with biological parents serve the purpose of replenishing the earth, which is the mystery in the Word of God. We must adopt to the life and death of Jesus to understand his mystery and it is for such a reason that I have done a self-study. I have studied only the King James Version of the Holy Bible to discover Christian living and was overwhelmed with the misconception of such a life. My many discoveries I kept in perspective by writing and after several pages I decided to share the facts with you all.

     The Light of Innocence is from the fact of not knowing, yet I celebrated according to the system I lived in. I am a light because diligently I worked to uncover the mystery and live according to the truth that I discovered. The titles I have chosen, list my progress as I walked in the way of Christ Jesus and since that I am a new beginner that is a converted child of God, my concept on Christian living is true. Part two of this book is the strength of my belief; after discovering the laws of the spirit and situations wherein we must separate from unfaithful Christians, I literally experienced that God never will leave or forsake us. He does this for everyone, except those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit and since his saints are the direct opposite, discovering that, which characterizes a saint was written in this section. I knew then that I had a good relationship with the Son of God.

     Part one deals with the basics: Christ Kingdom on the earth. I emphasized that we must understand, grow and sustain our spirit to have a good relationship with our Lord, Jesus. That which is put in place such as eternal life and the house of prayer is to help us sustain our relationship with Jesus and avoid the temptations that may lead us back into the world. A reminder that the world is everyone and that we are dealing with current issues just as the world is, yet the children of God are expected to overcome the world. The Light of Innocence is one way to deal with the current issues.

      Last but not least are two articles that are to remind the children of God of their task and that our Lord is hated by many. These articles should make us aware of the people we are up against.

About Author

I grew up in a respected community in Jamaica, West Indies where I attended church regularly on Sunday mornings. Going to church was like a hobby, one that I gained some knowledge on Christian's behavior, and though I started at a young age, it was my will to attend church. However, both my parents were disciplined to grow up a child like me. My mom however, God rest her soul, was the parent that emphasized the fact that I should pray before bedtime, and before the days begin. This is a tradition that I have continued to the present time. Now that my wisdom has increased, I am grateful to Almighty God, because I have been led by him, from then to the present to write this book for the world to read.

Growing up in Jamaica, I idled out my high school years, but was fortunate to migrate to Canada within a year after my graduation. My schooling years in Canada have not been much of a success either, but I have never strayed away from God's will. After I watched and listened to the many faces and voices that have preached and taught the gospel of Christ Jesus, I disciplined myself to begin a self-study of the Holy Bible (KJV). It was about the year nineteen ninety-seven or ninety-eight that I started such a study of the Holy Bible, which resulted in my book, The Light of Innocence.

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