Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sci-Fi Thriller: Manhunt on the Far Side

In the Manhunt on the Moon Tata O’ Reilly, the Chief of POLICE OF Lunar City, half Massai Warrior and half Irishman, teams up with Inge Pierson, the beautiful Swedish chief of the Copernicus city Special Victims Unit to track down Charlie Truong through the wild parties of Copernicus City and into the deep canyons of the Far Side. Charlie has raped and murdered 7 women in Lunar City and Copernicus city. The pace is fast and never slows down. As in The Moon is not For Sale, the voice is very chatty and you feel you are perhaps listening to your uncle or grandfather tell you about people he knows. You get so close to the characters you get to feel what they are going through.

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