Monday, June 3, 2013

Not Just A Hearer But A Doer

We sit in the pews. We sing the songs. We recite scripture - scripture we know by heart. And yet buried in the midst of this routine are commands and requests straight from the Most High that go ignored. We've become so reliant on God fulfilling His end of the bargain that we fail to follow through with ours. We've Become Hearers. In 31 days, Yolanda Shanks' devotional study, Not Just a Hearer but a Doer, will help you find calls to action within Scripture... and then act upon them. Starting with small things, like seeing that the Lord is good and working your way up to bigger actions, such as being a bold witness for Christ, you'll soon have the tools, desire and confidence to put Scripture into practice. Just as God intended. God wants doers.

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