Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Adventures Continue With: The Sultan Of Monte Cristo

A mysterious author offers readers a sequel to ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ with ‘The Sultan of Monte Cristo’, written in the rich tradition of Alexandre Dumas

Up until now, when readers of Alexandre Dumas’s The Count of Monte Cristo have turned the last page, the story has ended, leaving them feeling somewhat deflated.  Now, thanks to a mysterious writer, readers no longer have to live with this sense of loss.  A writer, known only as “Holy Ghost Writer”, continues the adventure with The Sultan of Monte Cristo.

This continuation of The Count of Monte Cristo reprises familiar characters, including Haydee, Villeforts, and Countess G, as well as introducing some new characters, who honor the rich tradition of Dumas, while simultaneously breathing new life into his writing and going places Dumas himself may not have been able to imagine.  One reviewer said of the story and the characters, “Reading The Sultan of Monte Cristo is like meeting old friends who have not changed over time.”

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