Monday, June 10, 2013

A Genuine Thriller for Mystery Lovers

Kyle Keyes creates a world where time and space are merely by-products with his latest crime thriller, ‘Quantum Roots’

Lovers of crime thrillers and the mystery genre will find themselves swept up in the strange events of author Kyle Keyes’ third novel, Quantum Roots.  Already a hit with readers, Quantum Roots “ties together all of the characters from his first two books”, giving readers more of the stories and characters they love along with a generous dose of his well-known mystery.
Two men, two lives, one giant question: During the great blizzard of 1923, Jesse Joe Jacks was born.  A man who loved nature, wanted to protect wildlife, and chose to become a Lower Elk County game warden, Jesse Joe also happened to be a crack shot with a firearm.  He fought bravely during the Korean War and never had a drink stronger than beer.  Jesse Joe Jacks was killed by a lightning strike on July 23, 1959, coming into and going out of the world during massive storms.
Olan Chapman was born in a heat-filled August in 1974.  A middle-class guy, Olan eventually went into a career centered on computers with a center city electronics company.  Olan loved music and played the piano with a passion.  He attended the theatre regularly, once led a march against the National Rifle Association, and never drank a single thing lighter than rum and coke.  
One man battled a country; another fought a war within himself.  The two could not have been more different – so how did they end up with the exact same fingerprints, the singular thing that sets us apart and marks our identities as our own?  Lieutenant General Alexis Grumman, federal director of paranormal activities, is about to find out.
Readers will find themselves furiously flipping pages to reach the stunning conclusion of Quantum Roots, utterly caught up in its fascinating mystery, bizarre twists, turns, and strange events.  

Kyle Keyes
Kyle Keyes is a retired bread man who once wrote odds and ends for local newspapers. Keyes is best known for a soda pop he named Six Up, and a helium submarine that wouldn't sink. Quantum Roots is based on a belief that people form from recycled energy that exists in two stages, Particle and Quantum, of which time and space are merely by-products.
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