Friday, June 28, 2013

How To Re-Kindle Interest In Your Book!

The KDP Select Free Day Promotion Package is a great way to draw attention to your title. Having a book available for sale in any format is not enough to generate readers' interest. Depending on your books genre, there are thousands of other books competing with yours. You have to do something to get your title to stand out, and we believe this program can help you do that. Here are some of the results from just a few of our clients to date:

April 23,2013  #1 in three different categories."  
                                             - Stephen Schochet, Hollywood Stories

April 16,2013  #1 in two categories, and 21 in a third.

Will McNally, Four Corners Dark

Both of these books received great responses even though they had been available for a period of time before doing the promotion. To get more information on the KDP Select Promotion Package click on the link below:

Please send all questions about this program to thepublishingguru (at) .com

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