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A Spy Novel Worthy of the Genre Free Download For Kindle Users on April 28th

Roger Croft’s ‘The Wayward Spy’ is an intriguing tale of espionage that celebrates the spy genre.
Lovers of the spy novel genre will find themselves entirely caught up in the fast-paced adventure of Roger Croft’s The Wayward Spy.  Set in 1992, the events of the novel take readers back in time to experience the fascinating tale of Michael Vaux and his adventures.
Michael Vaux, a veteran news reporter, had every intention of retiring early.  However, those plans were waylaid by greater powers when the British Secret Service uncovers his youthful friendship with Ahmed Kadri, who, unfortunately for Michael, is now Syria’s chief armaments buyer.  His retirement put on hold, Michael is tossed into a world of intrigue and upheaval.  He agrees to a one-off deal with M16, who is convinced that Syria is poised to sign a multi-billion arms deal with Russia that might upset the precarious balance of power in the volatile Middle East.
Michael disappears mysteriously during the Geneva Middle East Conference, during which Russia is secretly working out negotiations with Syria, and reappears later, photocopies of the arms deal in hand.  While his bosses at M16 couldn’t be happier, the CIA steps in, certain that Michael’s version is false and the evidence a deliberate deception on Syria’s part.  Michael is dispatched to Tangier, where his old friend Kadri has sought self-exile after a surprise coup by President Al Assad Shia’s supporters.  Thrown back into the fray, Michael must now obtain critical intelligence and defense data from his old friend.  The outcome of his trip shocks M16 as much as it shocks Michael.
A classic spy novel with a unique twist, readers will be furiously turning pages until they reach the stunning conclusion of Croft’s newest spy thriller.

Roger Croft

A former journalist whose reports and feature articles have appeared in major publications such as the Economist, the Sunday Telegraph and the Toronto Star, Roger Croft has also worked in Egypt, where he free lanced and wrote editorials for the Cairo-based Egyptian Gazette.
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