Thursday, April 4, 2013

Struggling to Deal with Stray Animals is Hardly the Cat’s Meow

Wildlife Expert Stephen M. Vantassel Releases Authoritative Text on Animal Control, ‘The Practical Guide to the Control of Feral Cats’

The explosion of feral cats has led to serious environmental, health, and nuisance concerns. Property owners, environmentalists, and animal control agents need in of responsible and effective techniques can find in a new book by Stephen M. Vantassel, a wildlife damage management consultant.  The Practical Guide to the Control of Feral Cats is a welcome antidote to the lack of information that is available about animal control in America.

Stephen M. Vantassel has been educating the public about animal control for many years, and his guides are extremely useful for readers who want to do their part for animal welfare but are unsure of how to begin.  This new text deals specifically with the dilemma of feral cats, a subject that many readers need information about.  Feral cats are considered, by some, to be an epidemic in America—the result of cat owners choosing to not spay or neuter their pets. 

While there are many contributing factors to the influx of feral cats, all can agree that their presence can be problematic.  The Practical Guide to the Control of Feral Cats provides specific information for property owners and environmentalists about dealing with feral cats.  Vantassel goes into great detail about the biology, damage, and diseases that need to be kept in mind while controlling feral cats. 

With step-by-step instructions for trapping and management, this guide will surely become the go-to manual on the subject of feral cats.

Stephen M. Vantassel

Stephen M. Vantassel is a wildlife damage management consultant and educator. He has published numerous articles on wildlife control topics and has also written several books, including “The Wildlife Damage Inspection Handbook”, “The National Wildlife Control Training Program: Core Principles and Information”, and “Dominion over Wildlife: An Environmental Theology of Human-Wildlife Relations”. Stephen has run his own wildlife removal company and presently works to educate clients and the public about wildlife damage management using research-based techniques. For more information,please visit

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