Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shining on Through the Golden Years

Expert advice from financial consultant Dennis M. Postema about how to set up a comfortable and secure retirement in his new book, ‘Retirement You Can’t Outlive’

Now more than ever, Americans are worried about retirement. These troubled economic times are weighing heavily upon working citizens’ shoulders, and many people are unsure of when, or if, they will ever be able to retire happily and with security.  The very idea of retirement has evolved of late, leaving many Americans confused and concerned about what their futures hold.  Between these difficult economic factors and the Baby Boomer Generation nearing retirement, never has expert and practicable advice about retirement preparation been so in demand as it is now.  For Baby Boomers, running out of money is their number one fear.
Luckily, Dennis M. Postema has just re-released his best-selling guide, Retirement You Can’t Outlive.  In this new edition, which has been updated and expanded upon following the first release, Postema addresses Americans’ concerns about when and how to retire.  Whether someone has retired early, only to realize that they don’t have enough saved to last the rest of their life, or they have been forced to retire early due to health, their employer, or job loss, Postema has guidance at the ready.
No matter the circumstance, most people face the challenge of creating reliable, post-retirement streams of income—income that is truly designed to last a lifetime.  This book gives readers a no-nonsense approach to ensuring a comfortable retirement, one that even inflation can’t beat.  Retirement You Can’t Outlive will also help readers learn how to position their available assets correctly, so there’s no chance that they will ever outlive their money.
This is a timely and valuable book to own, and readers are certain to appreciate Postema’s easy-to-read and informative prose. Most people have been struggling to survive the past few years of economic recession, nevermind worrying about retirement.  Now, readers of Postema’s book can be prepared for what lies ahead.

Dennis M. Postema
Dennis M. Postema is an entrepreneur and registered financial consultant.  He was the 2012 recipient of the 10 Under 40 Award given by the Defiance Chamber of Commerce.  His company, Postema Insurance & Investments, works with over 90 carriers, and has over two dozen agents and offices in five locations throughout Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  He also launched Postema Marketing Group, LLC in 2009, to help independent agents across the country achieve their goals and see their agencies thrive.  Postema released his first book, Retirement You Can’t Outlive, in 2012, and he has many exciting book releases slated for 2013 and 2014.  Avoiding a Legacy Nightmare is slated to be a practical and legacy-changing guide to the hidden consequences of selecting the wrong beneficiaries for insurance policies, annuities and retirement accounts.  Postema also has Financing Your Life, a comprehensive guide to every aspect of personal financial planning that a family can face, in the works.
For more information, please visit http://retirementyoucantoutlive.com/


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