Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Historical Novel that Speaks to Readers of All Ages Free On Kindle!

John Jack McGuire’s ‘Joining Up’ gives readers a fascinating take on the American Civil War

Lovers of historical fiction will find themselves completely enthralled with Jack McGuire’s Joining Up, a powerfully moving story about two teenage boys living during the United States Civil War.  Accurately portraying both the desperation and the bravery of the two main characters and the realities of the Civil War itself, screenwriter McGuire draws upon factual events to weave a tale that will reach readers, no matter their age.
Bobby and Will are teenagers who have never had it easy.  Facing mistreatment and misery at the hands of the dreadful headmaster at St. John’s Orphanage, Bobby and Will opt to run away and find their futures elsewhere.  That “elsewhere” turns out to be in the ranks of Brooklyn’s Red Legged Devils of the 14th Regiment.  The boys’ adventure takes them all the way to Pennsylvania, driven by the heroism and valor of the legendary Fourteenth.  When they finally don their Union Blues, they become a part of America’s rich history, as the famous Battle of Gettysburg is on the horizon, and the Confederacy and the Union are about to meet in a way that will never be forgotten.  
A Civil War buff, author McGuire lends his knowledge and expertise to the details of the story, creating fictionalized conversations between actual historical figures that shine a new and unique light on the events of the Civil War itself.  His protagonists, Bobby and Will, though born and raised during one of America’s most iconic eras, transfer easily to readers, as their courageous longing to serve their country reflects that of so many young men and women today.

Joining Up  is free on Kindle on April 24th!

John Jack McGuire
John Jack McGuire is a history major and screenwriter, whose fascination with the Civil War began early.  Growing up within view of the 14th Regiment Armory, he became eager to learn more about the Civil War, and eventually found the inspiration for Joining Up.
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