Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Love Stories Always Win

Love stories always win! Val Sharp’s No Commitments is the beating heart of a love story.  Every minute you are on the trail of adventure and intrigue. Sharp makes us think, “what is love?”

Set in the Vietnam War era, Clay Stoner is a fun-loving, carefree Annapolis graduate and navy pilot when he first meets Marianna Haizet, the daughter of a renowned Swiss banking family who had been sheltered in boarding schools pursuing the study of music.  Never truly experiencing the joy of life, Mariana meets Clay, and for the first time joy beams from her heart.

Meeting that one weekend in Nice, they thought they would never see each other again, until they do!  In spite of repeated vows of No Commitments they come together, and Marianna becomes immersed in a world of wild parties and the torture of anxiety filled souls waiting to go off to war—the two of them fighting back and forth, each believing that their love affair is hopeless.

She helps make him realize that he cannot bomb innocent human beings.  And ,when he decides to take on the system, she’s who he turns to, all he’s got, as he struggles to preserve his freedom and self esteem.

Little do they know their destiny is bigger than they can see!

Val Sharp was an Annapolis graduate and a navy pilot during the era of the novel.  Afterwards, he obtained a Columbia MBA and enjoyed a second career as a Wall Street investment banker and finance company president.

He lives in Connecticut with his wife, Christina, and their youngest child, German  shepherd, Riva. He wrote No Commitments because he thought he had a story to tell. See his website ,, for 25 things you may NOT want to know about Val.

Review copies and interviews are available. Contact Val Sharp - lavallesharp(at)

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