Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Can an Affair Be Innocent?

There is no such thing as an “innocent affair” and lay minister/counselor, life-long Bible student, and Christian writer Edward Mrkvicka writes that admirably in No Innocent Affair.

“Selfishness. When you strip away all the tinsel, it’s really that simple,” says Mrkvicka. No Innocent Affair is his story of working with adulterers, trying to glue back the family that once was. He explains that adultery is a chief constituent of the obliteration of the family unit, and yet very few people comprehend the enormity of the betrayal and the consequences that will follow.

Mrkvicka outlines the step-by-step plan the Bible presents to evade the temptation of marital infidelity, and if we’ve already crossed the line, it shows us the method for getting back.

Well written and filled with lessons, this is a book worth studying. In the end, Mrkvicka says adulterers almost always end up proclaiming, “it just wasn’t worth it.”

It is a story about learning and forgiveness—and it provides  the tools for finding the way back to God and family. Mrkvicka wants readers to “follow along on this exploration of the consequences and ways out of adultery”  into a place of forgiveness.

Mrkvicka is a lifelong Christian, award-winning author, lay minister and counselor, and retired bank president. He started writing professionally in 1980. He is devoted to saving families from the ravages of adultery, and the divorce that almost always follows. Most importantly, he is devoted to the innocent children who are damaged by the selfish acts of their parents who give in to temptation.

Mrkvicka believes the only hope for betraying adulterers is the Word of God. This is what he tries to do with his books and counseling – ensure that as many as possible know what a true evil adultery is, and that they know it before-the-fact, as it is far easier to avoid the evil than to get back once the line has been crossed.

Review copies and interviews are available upon request. Contact Edward Mrkvicka - reliance1985@att.net

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