Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blame People or Society?

Vindicating Vicky

Review copies and interviews are available upon request. Contact Ron Knight - ronfred@optonline.net.

Vindicating Vicky is the story of Vicky’s development as a whole person, coming to terms with her past, culminating in redemption. She struggles to overcome the events that destroyed her youthful innocence and from using her body as a catharsis for what her mind could not convey. This demonstrative story inspires a debate older than the writings of Plato – are individuals to blame for their actions, or is society?

Most girls’ childhood secrets vanish like a dream. Not so with Vicky Lester.  Her secret languished for years, like an unending life-long nightmare. Novelist Ron Knight tells the provocative story of a victimized young woman who lost her childhood innocence, then acted out the tortuous playbook of her youth as if possessed – propelling her on a provocative and promiscuous journey.

Vindicating Vicky is about exploitation, weakness, and compulsion.  It’s not about the thrill of sex.  It’s about the utter despair the sex can’t conceal.

Struggling for a brighter future and emboldened by her friend Stan, Vicky must navigate through dangerous new territories and overcome the victimization that’s manipulated her for so long.  Can she ultimately find a better life?

Ron Knight says, “I’ve lived in various inner cities, and over the years, I’ve become increasingly aware of the hardships faced by disaffected young women and wanted to write a story that both exposed these conditions to the unaware and offered hope to those living through it.  In the final analysis, this is a story that explores the power of friendship, the importance of questioning assumptions, and the need to define ourselves in our own terms.  I'm attempting to show people that the fallen women one often reads about are often regretful and remorseful about their state of living.   Vindicating Vicky is discernible from the title- vindication.  I was struck by the neatness of this word’s definition as the “clearing of wrongdoing” or “justification of an action or deed.”  I believe this is extremely appropriate to the story as it revolves around a beautiful, vulnerable young woman’s quest to justify herself in the face of past misfortune.”

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