Saturday, August 4, 2012

Heal Yourself Naturally

In her book, Heal Yourself Naturally: with Clay, Nancy Stine says, “No claims have been made that Bentonite clay is the "Fountain of Youth" - that you will grow younger and live forever.  All I know is that I use it.  I'm alive today because of Bentonite clay.”  The book is a testimony of how Bentonite clay healed her and gave her back an additional 13 years of life. She explains how the clay works and why.

Used as an alternative medicine, Stine shows how Bentonite clay has gone through testing and experiments in order to prove it is scientifically valid. She also breaks down how Bentonite clay has been used throughout the ages and from all parts of the world. Stine includes numerous and well-written stories from those who use the clay today and the results it has given.

Stine explains that in a time of natural disaster such as a hurricane, earthquake, flood, tsunami, EMP, or economic and social collapse we may not have access to primary care or medications to relieve pain or symptoms and we may be left to use our own resources. She explains how having the knowledge of alternative healthcare options can enable us to become less dependent on doctors.

Stine says that “survival medicine” using natural techniques may one day save our lives. One alternative to medicine,  doctors and prescription drugs may indeed be Bentonite clay.

Not a bad idea to learn alternative ways and try, in some sense, to heal yourself
naturally instead of relying heavily on Medicare and insurance.

Stine is 78 years young and has a background in nursing care and health and wellness.

For several years she was a nutritional consultant/reflexologist/massage therapist using the techniques of holistic health. Alternative health care and taking charge of your own health care have been long time interests.

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  1. I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Where can I buy this book call Heal Yourself Naturally with Clay?



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