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Winds of Change by Mary Metcalfe

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The book description on Amazon says, “After losing her husband and daughter in a plane crash, Boston social worker Jennifer Barrett is rebuilding her life. Finding solace in her work, Jennifer helps young client Mark Powell find work at the seniors' residence where her father lives. After learning Mark hasn’t seen his father, an internationally-known broadcast journalist, in over four years, she can’t understand how a father could abandon his only son to chase war stories.

When Jennifer meets Ben Powell, she is prepared to dislike him, despite his charm and affable manner. But, when he reveals he’s been battling post-traumatic stress disorder, she realizes he didn’t want to bring his demons home to Mark, who has suffered from clinical depression. As Jennifer gets to know Ben, she realizes there may be room in her heart for laughter and new love.

Lana Fitzpatrick, a close friend of Jennifer’s and a young nurse helping care for Jennifer’s father, is also a widow, raising her young son Danny alone. As Lana gets to know her handsome co-worker, Mark Powell, and sees him bonding with Danny, she finds her heart swelling with love.

As new family bonds form, all discover the power of friendship and love to overcome loss so they can face life with renewed hope.”

About the author

Mary Metcalfe is a seasoned writer and editor of technical materials who has always dreamed of writing novels. She has written three in the past year. They were lurking in her brain and, once she started writing, she couldn't stop.

Metcalfe always read that you should write about what you know. And in a very real sense, she did with Winds of Change. While she did extensive research on Boston, sailing and plant varieties, the what-you-know part came from her heart. Readers will see a theme in her novels – disparate people being brought together and blending to build a new family. It’s what she didn’t have as a child and grew up yearning for.

Metcalfe says, “Now my characters will get their happy ever after because it’s my book and we’ll work together to make it happen!"

Eight years ago, Metcalfe founded a volunteer group named Not Just Tourists - Ottawa. The group collects donated medicines and medical supplies and sends them to 26 countries in need in the Americas, Caribbean, Asia, and Africa. They work with medical missions, student missions, and individual travellers to annually ship some 2,000 kg/5,000 lb. of donations. When you consider how light the supplies and gently used uniforms are, the volume is enormous. They are currently helping collect supplies for a 40-foot container going to Syria, another to Ethiopia, and a smaller one heading to Kenya. These will have hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, and other equipment included, which are facilitated through the group’s many contacts. They want to make a difference in a world where too many don’t have adequate medical care and health support.


Title: Winds of Change
Author: Mary Metcalfe
Publisher: Friesen Press
ISBN: 1770977414
Price: $25.99 paperback; $4.99 Kindle
Themes: romance, PTSD, depression, friendship, family, sailing, food

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