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French Letters: The Honor Series by Jack Woodville London

French Letters: The Honor Series ~ Virginia's War and Engaged in War Together
French Letters: Virginia’s War is the tale of one woman’s home front experience, set against the backdrop of the story of a small town that has plenty going on behind the scenes. It was there one morning that an unexpectedly pregnant Virginia Sullivan read in her father’s newspaper that she had supposedly eloped with a soldier. This is news to Virginia, not to mention her “husband” Will Hastings, who was already off at war and knows nothing of it.

Sullivan is the daughter of a small town’s leading figure, a newspaper owner who, because of his knowledge of everyone’s personal business, runs the local black market in ration coupons and hard-to-get tires and gasoline, and sister of Bart, a draft dodger who runs the post office while keeping her mail from going or coming and preventing Will Hastings, the lead figure in French Letters: Engaged in War, from knowing that Virginia is pregnant or that her father has published a phony story.

There may be a World War going on thousands of miles away, but there’s plenty going on behind the scenes in Tierra, TX to keep Virginia preoccupied.

French Letters: Engaged in War is the companion to French Letters: Virginia’s War. It is the story of Will Hastings, an army doctor caught up in the D-Day landings in Normandy, and the drive to capture St. Lo, France.

Isolated from Virginia Sullivan and the events taking place at home in Tierra, TX, Will faces the demands of combat surgery under fire. He is also coping with the losses of his brother, his friends, and his connection to home.

Historically accurate, precise, and taking place at exactly the same time frame as the events in the first volume, French Letters: Engaged in War is a novel of the will to survive when war, distance, loss, and the uncertainty of the future separate a couple far beyond the breaking point.

Jack Woodville London is a well-known trial attorney, acclaimed author, and World War II historian.

A graduate of the University of Texas Law School and a former captain in the US Army Quartermaster Corps, he and his wife, Alice, live in Austin.  His publishing credits date back to 1970 when he was elected managing editor of the University of Texas International Law Journal.  Since then he has authored a long list of technical articles and papers on evidence, trial and courtroom procedure, aviation law, and product liability law.  He has spoken at legal programs throughout the United States and in England, Scotland, Mexico and Canada.

The novelist within him, delayed while he rose in the legal profession and until his children were grown, was always restless.  In the summer of 2003 Jack put aside legal writing to enroll in the prestigious writing school of St. Céré, France.  He graduated in the class that included acclaimed Canadian playwright Leeann Minogue and Germaine Stafford, winner of the Debut Dagger Award.

His French Letters series of novels are praised for their meticulous historical research and ability to capture the language, attitudes, and moral culture of their setting in prose described by reviewers as ‘beautiful, but not pretentious.’

From his days as a U.S. Army quartermaster officer to the lectures he now gives, London has spent much of his life exploring a deep interest in World War II and its effects on the home front—particularly small towns. Born out of that deep interest is The Letter Project, a nationwide project to collect, dust off, and showcase letters to and from veterans of all wars.

Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

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