Friday, August 10, 2012

All Things Are Possible at Any Age

After raising four children, working in the corporate Firestone Tire business, Kate and Brooks Firestone moved to Santa Ynez Valley, California, to found the Firestone Vineyard, the first winery in the area and an inspiration for establishing a successful winery in what is now a world-renowned wine region. Brooks also served as a member of the California State Assembly. After these adventures, the Firestones began a new adventure....choral singing. Their singing with some groups lled them from Santa Barbara to the London Royal Albert Hall, the Vatican, the Mormon Tabernacle and other choruses around the world. Their new life brought them joy, hard work, and a tremendous sense of accomplishment that serves to prove what is possible in retirement years. Evensong is the book that allows the rest of us to experience the journey. According to, an evensong is a form of worship said or sung in the evening.

Brooks says, “I was so busy for most of my life....working with my family's company - Firestone Tires, as a politician for the California State Assembly, raising four children, and creating the Firestone Vineyard. When I turned 65, my wife and I took up a new career together: choral singing. Choral singing might not be for everyone, but I wanted to write a book to give people inspiration to find their passion in retirement years. We are living longer and healthier, and it's important to plan for these years, because they can be the best in your life. When we are younger, we often don't have time to enjoy our hobbies. I wanted to share the adventures that have taken us all over the world and inspire people to realize that anything is possible at any age.”

Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

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