Monday, August 6, 2012

The Feminists by James E. Joyce

Joyce presents his perspective of three feminists; possibly one of the most volatile books of our century. It’s a book written with strong conviction, so get ready.

The description on Amazon says, “The Feminists is the most explosive expose of the 21st century. It’s all here! Over one hundred years of lies, deceit, murder, evil beyond measure, complicit politicians, sex, genocide and the complete corruption of American youth! The book will crush the feminist abortion rights organization and cast it into the dustbin of worthless, evil, historically malevolent causes! Learn about the lies blaming your Grandmothers for being cowards after World War II. It's the true story of how three feminists convinced American women to abort one million babies a year. It's about the historical brainwashing of million of Americans, Europeans and African Americans by liberals, socialists and Communists. If you fear the truth don’t read this book!”

Joyce is an author, poet, inventor, entrepreneur, philosopher, business executive, and President of the Quest Educational Foundation. He has been an executive in several Fortune Five Hundred Companies. He holds numerous patents on a broad range of products. He has developed educational programs on the subjects of dating, mate selection, marriage, love, and family.

Review copies and interviews are available upon request.
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