Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Deeply Hidden Mormon Conspiracy

Compelling and undeniably enthralling, The Mormon Candidate is a new political thriller by Avraham Azrieli.

This excellent mystery begins with an accidental death of a motorcyclist during a Veterans’ ride. But what protagonist Ben Teller uncovers is a conspiracy originating deep within the Mormon Church, aimed at protecting a prominent member who’s running for president. Both political and religious drama makes this intricate novel one you can’t put down.

The plot’s strong religious undercurrents will likely draw some Mormons to defensive protestations reminiscent of stormy Catholic reactions to The Da Vinci’s Code. Fictional at the core, The Mormon Candidate’s characters bring you right in from start to finish. Ben Teller is witty and intractable—you’ll want to stay with him for every flare-up of action and shocking discovery.

Growing up, author Avraham Azrieli attended religious schools, resulting in a lifelong fascination with the power of different faiths over our social discourse, ideological forces, and political processes. Having been trained both as a lawyer and a writer, he developed a keen interest in politics and justice.

In recent years, the rise to national political prominence of men like Harry Reid, Orrin Hatch, and Mitt Romney made many Americans curious about Mormonism – a relatively young faith (born in upstate New York while the Erie Canal was being dug). Mormons, who define themselves unabashedly as “peculiar people,” emphasize male dominance in the family, secretive hierarchical authority, and total obedience to LDS church leaders, elements that conflict with mainstream American values.

As a reader, Azrieli found very few novels that featured Mormonism, and none in the political/thriller genre, which caused him to embark on writing one. He conducted extensive research to make sure that the fictional characters’ story is told against a realistic and accurate background. (A bibliography of selected sources is appended at the end of the novel.)

The result is nothing short of exciting: in writing The Mormon Candidate, he managed to explore Mormonism, politics, and the dramatic way faith drives motivation and dictates action – both for good and for evil. With great attention to detail and the thrill of a suspenseful mystery, The Mormon Candidate is a timely and provocative novel you don’t want to miss.

Review copies and author interviews are available upon request. Contact Avraham Azrieli - Avraham(at)AzrieliBooks.com

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