Friday, July 20, 2012

No Easy Times for Innovative Women

The 1960s were no easy times for innovative women, especially in Catholic, New Orleans suburbia. Jeanette Vaughan eloquently and vehemently wrote a novel depicting the true-life story of Nora Broussard Greenwood’s vision of aviation and society’s very demands of that dream. Vaughan’s main character, Nora, had vision and strength. However, like any vision and pathway to a big dream, there are often obstacles one must overcome—even if they try and break you.

Nora conquered what women were prohibited to do; she “traded her formals for a flight suit and learned how to fly,” and for the first time she felt free. Freedom, however, has a price, and that price almost made her lose her children and her heart. She caused uneasiness to societal rules and had to pay the penalties for her independent spirit.

A story so truly captivating, you will feel undefeatable and inspired, or possibly start a new chapter in your life.  Nora makes you understand that dreams are what you make of them—how you forge through is based on your choices and those choices will have outcomes. Flying Solo is a narrative that will inspire your own pioneering will, teach you lessons, and may inspire your dreams to soar. One can identify with the well fleshed out characters. The aviation pieces make you feel like you are in the cockpit. A total page turner from the start.

Flying Solo is available for review, and Jeanette Vaughan is available for interviews.

Contact: Jeanette Vaughan - jeanettevaughan(at)

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  1. Great trailer! I must admit, I love book trailers... It's like the best of a movie and a book combined.


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