Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Award Winning Publishing, Now Stateside

Award Winning Publishing, Now Stateside
BrightRED Publishing appoints Parkwest Publications to distribute best-selling educational line for High School students

Well-known since 1983 for the North American distribution of general interest books of the early days of the BBC in America as well as middle school hands-on educational books from award-winning Tarquin Publications… Parkwest is excited to announce that they’re doing the same for the hugely successful line of educational books from BrightRED Publishing, Edinburgh, Scotland. Parkwest and BrightRED have teamed up to bring to US and Canadian high schools and students this range of popular, superbly designed, and most important, effective educational titles from a new star in the UK’s publishing firmament – BrightRED Publishing.

BrightRED, though a young company, has already won the UK Independent Publishers Association’s  award for the Educational Publisher of the Year two years in a row (2010 and 2011).  Formed in 2008 by Sarah Mitchell, Richard Bass, John MacPherson and Alan Grierson, BrightRED’s titles target students in high school with books that are in full-color, are bright, accessible and easy to use and cover the complete course.  Quite simply they help high school students of all abilities to know their subject and achieve better marks  in their exams.

BrightRED brings their passion stateside… to inspire young minds to think creatively and achieve their full potential. BrightRED has excited the publishing world with their impressive business acumen, dedication to bringing high-quality educational titles to children, and the drive to be the best in their business.  

Parkwest’s well known and trusted distribution of quality UK books has built an impressive reputation in the US market which will benefit even more with this new and exciting partnership with BrightRED.

American and Canadian high school students, parents and teachers will be thrilled by the possibilities for solid achievement with these BrightRED books.  


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