Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Children’s Miracle Network Spokeperson Pens Book

We have all heard the sayings; “Follow your dream!”, “Make a Difference!”, “Believe and Achieve!” Parents, teachers, and motivational speakers have been saying them to us our entire lives. But, how many of us have actually done it? Bobby Tinsley has!

Bobby has become a spokesperson for The Childrens Miracle Network, and through his work with the organization visits children and their families on a regular basis to encourage and uplift them through his music. He wrote a personal song for CMN called "Smile" which has become a hit with children in the hospitals.

The Difference is a book comprised of chapters that mirror each song on the author’s upcoming album by the same name. However, the book is much more than a simple commentary on his music. It’s a story that speaks to everyone about following their dreams and making a difference. Tinsley says, “Every person has a circle of influence unique to them. If we focus on making a difference in those lives, what may seem insignificant is the way we change the world.”

Bobby Tinsley is available for interviews, performances, speaking engagments, and the book is available for review. Contact: KR Winston - ctltemp(at)gmail.com

About the author:

Bobby Tinsley is a multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer who uses his musical ability to communicate through song touching people from all walks of life. Not a newcomer to the music scene, Bobby has worked with many of the top names in the industry and began to write, record, and produce for others simultaneously. His first CD, "Page 1," generated a Top 40 Christian CHR single with the song "Addicted."

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