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Active Duty Soldier Writes Fiction about Interrogation

Author interviews and review copies are available upon request. Contact Jeffrey Hopkins - hardoakpress(at)

Jeffrey Hopkins has discovered a way to escape the stress and strain of active duty military service and to make a difference in the world. He writes fiction based on his experiences and all proceeds from the sale of Broken Under Interrogation will be donated to Veterans’ causes. Hopkins founded an independent press company in 2010 called The Hard Oak Press. Broken Under Interrogation is being converted into a screenplay.

The book is very intense. Unlike anything you’ve ever read. It is like looking at a horrible car accident. No matter what you do, you cannot look away; it’s like watching a train wreck unfold before your eyes.

“Jeffrey Hopkins writes with such brutal force that reading his novel BROKEN UNDER INTERROGATION at first seems a story too explosive to explore. But at the same time his gift for the art of writing prose is so concomitantly eloquent that it is impossible not to stay with him: the trust he offers in the opening chapters, chapters that survey where our country is now and has recently been hit the center of the target of sociological observation. The book is powerful on many levels and while the readers who seek thrillers will be more than satisfied, those of us who look for more than action - for substance that comes from examining the past to reshape the possibilities for the future - there is much to be gained by spending time with this book.”
-Grady Harp

The story portrays three main characters:

John Powers - former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, the mastermind behind an insane vigilante campaign to rid his town of drug dealers. John suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and upon getting discharged from military service, cannot give up targeting "enemies". He uses the techniques, tactics, and procedures he learned in Iraq to take the fight to the "enemy" in his hometown of Peoria, Illinois. John acts as the intelligence officer and de facto commander of the "secret Army," the brains behind the operation and the rational brake to the operation. He is obsessed with collecting evidence on drug dealers and requires evidence to "prosecute" them.

Mike Miller - a former U.S. Army Infantryman and the operations officer of the vigilante plot after meeting John Powers in the Veteran's Administration Hospital. Miller suffers horrible flashbacks from his multiple combat deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. A methamphetamine addict, Miller thrives on the violence of their operations. He is a ruthless, violent bastard. He enjoys killing and comes to enjoy torture.

Garrett Moore - a brutal Interrogator for the Police Force. He's washed-up has-been, and he knows it. His character is opaque, and you never really find out his ultimate motivations until the thrilling conclusion.

John Powers is apprehended by the Police in Peoria, IL and undergoes a series of brutal interrogations at the hands of the Police Force. John tries his best to divert the interrogator from Mike and the rest of the Secret Army by sharing anecdotes from Iraq, and also embarking on flashbacks from Iraq, and suffering brutality at the hands of Garrett Moore.

Jeffrey M. Hopkins has been on three deployments to Iraq, and one to Afghanistan. He has written another novel, The Gideons, and he is currently working on a third. He was graduated in 2003 from the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign with a degree in Philosophy. Hopkins served in Iraq during the 2006 -2007 Sectarian Violence. He says, “All of the scenes from Iraq could have very well happened during that chaotic, bloody, and violent time when millions of Iraqis perished at the hands of Shi'ite death squads and Sunni terrorist groups.”

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