Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spanglish Humor and Spy Humor Meet in Sergio Tell’s New Series

In ‘Broom, Broom’ and ‘Jurassic Prick’ Sergio Tell keeps readers laughing with his combination of Spanglish humor and spy humor


 Spanglish humor and classic spy humor come together in author Sergio Tell’s new series, which tells the story of a Panamanian family living in Australia.  The two types of humor make for a unique combination that is certain to win over readers and provide Tell with a loyal fanbase from a broad range of cultures.

In Broom, Broom, Tito Zapata (taken from zapatito, the Spanish word for “little shoe”), a baker, and his son, Alberto, are thrown out of Panama over a “havoc-causing cake”.  Even cousin Cucumber is ejected with them.  The family lands on their feet in Melbourne, Australia, where they become a prominent family and where Alberto becomes the assistant chief commissioner of police.  His first case involves tracking down the British Royal Jewels after they disappear from a local exhibition.

In Jurassic Prick, readers rejoin the Zapata family in Melbourne.  This time, a new airline with onboard casinos is suspected of foul play: people are having the money sucked from their pockets and the city’s existing casino is “mysteriously” destroyed in an unlikely elephant stampede.  It is up to Alberto Zapata to solve the mystery and save the day.

One GoodReads reader said of the series, that the book reminded him of his own father trying to fit into North America and raising his family more, saying that he “couldn’t have laughed more” at the “incredible” book “extremely interesting and varied” characters.  While anyone who has had to bridge the Spanglish cultural gap will share these sentiments, Tell’s stories will entertain readers of all types.

Tell’s madcap tales are certain to delight anyone who is a fan of such bumbling spy shows and movies of the past as The Pink Panther and Get Smart.  Readers will, undoubtedly, be left anxious for the third installment in the series, China, Please Give me More, which is slated for release in the near future.  Tell is so certain that readers will enjoy his stories that he has made the first book free to readers, knowing that they’ll come back for more of the addictive series.  The books can be found on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and at the Apple Store.

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Sergio Tell is an author, lecturer, and performer.  He was born in Argentina, and he has appeared in Australian television shows including: State Coroner, The Adventures of Lano & Woodley, and Marshall Law.  He is trying to bridge the cultural gap between the Spanglish and English worlds.
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