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A Collection of Short Stories, Essays, and More for Salinger Fans

Daniel Donatelli’s ‘Oh, Title!’ takes on every style of writing, every mood, and every topic imaginable for an unforgettable collection that will, no doubt, appeal to the world’s aberrant readers

Daniel Donatelli’s Oh, Title! is a unique collection of short stories and essays that draws from a wide range of inspirations.  The collection offers fiction, memoir, poetry, and philosophy that seamlessly interweaves humor, insight, and honesty into the pieces— all aimed at entertaining and provoking thought.

Readers of Salinger are certain to enjoy the collection, as Donatelli’s writing style is largely influenced by Salinger’s aesthetically clean, spiritually deep prose.  Some of the author’s other influences include: Hunter S. Thompson’s wild chemical bent, Walt Whitman’s adoration of the human experience, Kurt Vonnegut’s dark humor, Michael Crichton’s techno-cynical synthesis, and Vladimir Nabokov’s sesquipedalian precision.  He uses his broad array of literary influences to craft a unique voice that appeals to a large audience.

In “My Ideal Man/ Woman: A Case Study,” Donatelli and some of his friends successfully and unsuccessfully try to describe their ideal mates.  Readers can’t help but laugh at “Going Green with Envy,” an absurd comedy about a hoplessly overzealous environmentalist.  Donatelli is equally adept at all styles of writing: in “Twenty-eight,” he tackles epic poetry; in “Objective,” he offers an objectively detailed, journalistic account of a college football game; and he even takes on comedic screenplay writing in “The Pilot.”

While some stories are more serious in nature, highlighting universal truths and providing insight into the human condition, most, like “The Final Inning,” a comedy about an alcoholic little league umpire, will make readers laugh.  One title that is certain to elicit a chuckle is “Four Microfictions For My Old English Teacher, Who Could Appreciate Them, But Who Probably Would Not Like Them Because He Always Thought I Was ‘Capable of More,’ The Prick.”

With topics that are as varied as the writing media Donatelli tackles, there is something enjoyable for every type of reader in Oh, Title!

Daniel Donatelli

Daniel Donatelli is also the author of the novels Music Made By Bears and Jibba And Jibba. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1981, and graduated from the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in 2004. After graduating from OU,, Donatelli moved to Santa Monica, California, where he completed his first two novels. He then moved back home, to Cleveland, where he currently resides and sometimes goes for walks while reading books.

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