Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Can Modern Couples form Healthy Christian Relationship?

Jermaine Hamwright helps readers form healthy Christian relationships in his new book ‘Get the FACTS: 5 Secrets to a Healthy Christian Relationship from a Guy’s-Eye View’

There are many self-help books on the market that aim to help women understand men and improve their relationships, but there are not many books written for men who are seeking meaningful relationships.  Jermaine Hamwright’s Get the FACTS: 5 Secrets to a Healthy Christian Relationship from a Guy’s-Eye View is the ultimate handbook for men who are trying to navigate their way through the dating world, while still maintaining their moral values and staying true to their faith.

Hamwright says he offers “straight-shooting advice for lasting love”, teaching readers how to foster the essential qualities of love and honesty on a daily basis, as well as how to foster five other traits that are essential to a relationship: the traits that form the acronym F.A.C.T.S.  Readers will learn how to “get the FACTS”: Friendship, Affirmation, Communication, Trust, and Support.  Some of the lessons that readers will learn from Get the FACTS include: how to find common ground in worship, using “tree trunk theory” to build trust, and fun date ideas to forge a stronger friendship.

Get the FACTS is perfect for individual study or for a Bible study.  Hamwright will win readers over with his down-to-earth, accessible approach that makes his lessons easy to remember and easy to integrate into their daily lives. Readers of Get the FACTS will, undoubtedly, form meaningful relationships based on mutual trust, healthy communication, friendship, and the ability to provide each other with emotional and spiritual support.  Healthy Christian relationships may sound like something impossible to attain in today’s society, but with the help of Jermaine Hamwright, it has never been easier.

For more information, please visit http://www.getthefactsbook.com/.

Jermaine Hamwright

Jermaine Anthony Hamwright, author of Get the FACTS: 5 Secrets to a Healthy Christian Relationship from a Guy’s-Eye View, is a human resources specialist with the U.S. Army with a background in business administration. He has served on several tours including: Operation Noble Eagle from 2002-2004 and Operation Iraqi Freedom 2005-2006 and again from 2008-2009.

No stranger to adversity, Jermaine overcame a childhood speech impediment and reading challenges and went on to create a successful life. He taught himself to speak clearly by repeatedly listening to cassettes he borrowed from several pastors. "Growing up I was considered to have a learning disability, but I wasn't given a chance to see what was wrong," he explains. "Because I knew I could not read, I had to totally rely on my memory. These early challenges enhanced my memorization skills." Born and raised in New Jersey, he ran track in high school, earning three championship jackets and qualifying for state three times in hurdles.

Jermaine credits his grandmother with teaching him to believe in himself. "My grandmother instilled confidence in me when I didn't think I was smart enough or looked good enough," he says. His father, Charles, works at a funeral home and his mother, Thelma, runs her own hair salon. Jermaine is the proud father of a young daughter, Aniya.

He was diagnosed with adult ADHD in 2008, but he sees this revelation as a gift, not a curse. "I wish I'd known this as a kid so that I could have figured out how to overcome a lot of issues growing up. But I am happy to have finally mastered what was once seen as a disability in me."


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