Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Killing the Cancer Beast

Maria D. Georga, Named one of the ‘50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ 2012 inspires readers with her book ‘Killing the Cancer Beast’


The battle with the cancer beast is one that too many families know all-too-well.  It is, unfortunately, one that too few people realize that they can win.

Maria Georga’s Killing the Cancer Beast chronicles the true story of a woman who was left with no hope after she was diagnosed with cancer, a crushing feeling that many readers will find resonant to times in their own lives.  Killing the Cancer Beast is not a story of despair or hopelessness; rather, it is a story of a woman and her family who use the only weapons that they have left: love, strong will, and a belief that God should have thought of an antidote before humans would.  It is these weapons that they use to battle cancer and it is these same weapons that Georga, who was named one of the “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” 2012 by Authors Show, inspires her readers to use.

Many families believe that they are left to contend with a diagnosis, but in Killing the Cancer Beast, the hero takes action, reminding readers that giving up is not an option.  It is not just a feel-good story and it is not a prescription; more than anything, Killing the Cancer Beast is a new perspective and, perhaps, a new lease on life.  Georga skillfully interweaves the story with medical facts, inspiration, maturity, and knowledge.

After her mother faced cancer, Georga felt the need to both express herself and to restore hope to those who were facing similar cases.  She brings the message “Believe, fight, win” to those who need encouragement.

Maria D. Georga

Maria D. Georga has graduated from Greek and British universities and she holds degrees in Management & Business Administration.  For more than ten years, she worked as an executive for various international companies. Since 2007, she has been an entrepreneur, primarily involved in the Health Care Industry and in business consulting.  Maria is a multi- faceted and multi-disciplinary individual. She has successfully balanced her active involvement in business, while dealing with philosophy, metaphysics, and even book writing. She is also an active blogger for spirituality and healthy living.

"Killing the Cancer Beast" is the first of her published books. Georga is a winner of the “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading” 2012 contest by Authors Show.  A significant part of the sale of each book will be given to hospitals, organizations and scientists involved with research regarding cancer cure.

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