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Phenomenal Tale about the Value of Education

First time author Gideon Yilpiring Dashe delights and inspires with his book, ‘The Weeping Palm Tree’

First time author Gideon Yilpiring Dashe brings readers a story that carries a powerful message in his first book, The Weeping Palm Tree.  Additionally, The Weeping Palm Tree gives background insight into a community that has never before been recorded in any formal journal.

The story of a blind pastor, Adamu Katnyam, and a boy, Borlong, who is said to be a “destiny child” for his village, The Weeping Palm Tree is a tale that reveals the immense power of light triumphing over darkness in a rural African community.  

Members of this small village have been earning their living by tapping and making palm wine, gotten from the ‘tears’ of the area’s palm trees.  Fearing that this community cannot survive without moving forward, Pastor Katnyam (who was trained by European missionaries in the 1950’s) and Borlong (acting upon his role as ‘destiny child’) urge them to look towards the West for inspiration, and to gain educations that will enrich and improve their lives.   

The author’s unique viewpoint and rich story telling have earned The Weeping Palm Tree much praise, and the book is currently in the process of being made into a Nollywood film titled ‘Borlong’.
Encouraged and inspired by a Myles Munroe sermon in 2011, Dashe, who had never before been interested in creative writing, began working on The Weeping Palm Tree, his allegorical tale about the importance of education.  A vivid tapestry of folk lore, current situations in African villages, and a mesmerizing story, The Weeping Palm Tree’s message is as lovely as it is crucial.  Readers will be drawn in to this series of short tales, and find themselves inspired to encourage education in all people once they have turned the last page.  

Gideon Yilpiring Dashe

Gideon Dashe was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Yilpiring Godfrey Dashe in Kano state of Nigeria.  He left Kano to attend primary school in Pyabor, a neighboring village to his home in Mhinzam, then his secondary education in a missionary school called Boys’ Secondary School Gindiri.  Later, he proceeded to University of Jos, where he received a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree.  He and his wife, Bether, have been blessed with two wonderful children, Green and Bernice.  His book The Weeping Palm Tree is the first to come out of his chiefdom, and is currently being made into a Nollywood film that will hit the cinemas soon.

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