"I've been contacted by 11 reviewers...Just thought you would want an update."
- S.M.

"Views of my book trailer on YouTube.com increased by more than 2,000 in less than 24 hours!"

-Greg Messel, Author of Last of the Seals

"I am pleased with the responses I have received from the Reviewer Promotion Package! I have sent out review copies and need to send out more. However, I need to order more from the printer!"

There is no way I can pay you for what you are doing/have done/will do...such a currency does not exist in the world.
- Satwant Kaur, Author of Transitioning Embedded Systems to Inteligent Environments, Intel Press

I am a syndicated talk show host and have been for almost twenty eight years.  I have worked with many publishers and publicists over the years. The Publishing Guru is among the brightest I have had the pleasure to work with.  My experience with him is that if he says he can do it, consider it done!
- Michael Ray Dresser, Host of DresserAfterDark

The Publishing Guru has proven to be a wealth of knowledge regarding writing, publishing, and marketing books.
- Peter Biadasz, Author of Write Your First Book

I have been very pleased with my experience. The Publishing Guru provided all the services promised and has always been there to answer any questions I may have.

I received some great reviews and am very appreciative. It was a very worthwhile experience.  

The Publishing Guru secured an objective review of my book. What may eventually surpass the quality of the review are the media contacts he is  furnishing.
-Jim Mosquera

Working with The Publishing Guru has proven to be very beneficial to me and my book. Thanks to the honest review and efforts publicizing my book, The Publishing Guru landed me a spot on a Radio Talk Show which has helped me increase my book sales.  I definitely recommend The Publishing Guru to anyone looking to publicize their book.

The service was timely and professional, and I am very satisfied with the results of my purchase. My review of The Publishing Guru? Five Stars! 

I found the service to be professional and most importantly, the reviewer actually read the book. A lot of these "services" on-line simply boiler plate a review after a quick scan to pick out one or two words from your book.

 Jason Rutherford is a consummate professional. He knows his trade like few others in the business. What sets The Publishing Guru apart, however, is his unremitting commitment to serving his audience. He delivers promptly, accurately, and with grace. In an age where customer expectations are rarely met, The Publishing Guru sets the highest standard of performance.

Without The Publishing Guru's vision and dedication to my success I would still be spinning my wheels trying to get my book into people's hands. The Publishing Guru has always been so helpful in all aspects of the success of my business...not only my book. He expressed belief in my brand and gave me strength to do what I need to do in order to become a national success. I believe that The Publishing Guru has the capability to direct and implement a powerful campaign that will positively change the face of my future. Looking forward to what The Publishing Guru's connections and wisdom have in store for me. Thanks for everything!   
- Iva Young

It is my pleasure and honor to enthusiastically recommend The Publishing Guru's book marketing services. The Publishing Guru's wrote and distributed several very thoughtful and creative articles about my two "Clive Endive Ogive IV" books about the wonderful world of private clubs in a timely manner. If you want top quality, extensive media exposure for what you have published, The Publishing Guru is the Source!

The Publishing Guru is able to do on a Grand Scale what took me hours to accomplish on a very small scale.  He sent out 4,231 Press releases for me on 3/7/2011. The week before, I spent 3 1/2 hours finding 87 e-mail addresses and another 2 hours to set up and send a press release. Working with him is a great investment !

The review The Publishing Guru secured for me was very gratifying. The reviewer did a good job summarizing my book. The review was done in a very prompt manner that was much appreciated.  
-John H. Wormser
To Make a Perfect World

I was shocked at how easy the process was, how friendly the communication was, and how fast my results came. Certainly this is a service from someone who actually cares about what they do and who respects the social network. My review was more thorough than I expected - I wanted to go back out and buy my own book!!
-Mark Husson

The review of my book now appears on Amazon.com and I've sent it to several bookstores who are currently selling the book. Thanks for all your help.

 The Publishing Guru has been a valuable asset in getting the news out about my novel. He has astute article writers, scads of resources, and has proven he knows his "stuff." I recommend him to every aspiring author.
-Judith Kendall

Working with The Publishing Guru has expanded my horizons in so many ways. When you receive the benefits of his experience, you are elevated to another level. Not only that, it is such that you know the impact he has had. His willingness to give his clients what they want and his professionalism can't be duplicated by any other.

I was a little skeptical about submitting my book for a review but The Publishing Guru turned out to be the greatest move I made. The outstanding communication eased any skepticism I may have had in the beginning. I plan on using this service for all of my novels!
-Gerald C. Anderson, Sr.

Working with The Publishing Guru was a great experience, he acquired a great review that always has jaws dropping when someone reads it. It also got me many fans and customers.
-Robert Heredia

I was very pleased with my experience with The Publishing Guru. It was quick and very reflective of the real content of the novel -- as well as being a hassle-free experience.

The Publishing Guru is energy personified in acquiring and dispensing quality reviews. I've been well satisfied with both his audience selections and his attention to my story. He comes well recommended. 
-Dick Ramsey

This is the highest compliment a service like The Publishing Guru's can be paid - He delivers exactly what he says.
-Edward Mrkvicka

Since writing is relatively new territory for me, I am still feeling my way around the publishing landscape. The Publishing Guru has produced instant results—both in radio interviews and book reviews. It is definitely a great cost-effective way to go! 

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