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Remembering Dad

Author Don M. Winn pays tribute to his father with this touching 
                                 book for young readers

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Superhero by Don M. Winn is the story of a young boy with a vivid imagination. In his dreams he is a superhero fighting crime with his super powers. However, when it comes to facing his toughest foes, he quickly realizes that he needs reinforcements. Fortunately for him, this occurs in the form of his father heroically waking him from his nightmare. As his father gently assures him of his safety he comes to the realization that his father is the real hero.

This is a deeply personal book for the author, written in remembrance of his father, who died when he was still quite young. Mr. Winn explains, “My dad was always my superhero. In this book I pay tribute to my love for him, and hope to remind all parents that taking the time to guide children through their fears creates a bond that lasts their whole lives.”

For Don Winn, those early bonds still influence his work today. He says, “Of all my memories of my dad, the most poignant ones are of the scary times when I needed reassurance. At those moments, my dad was my true hero.” Superhero is a touching reminder that “ordinary people doing ordinary things to help us are the most important people in our lives” and that there is no greater hero than a loving parent.

The story ends with a few well-crafted questions specifically designed to create an open dialogue between adults and children. The selection of questions includes: “What is a hero?” and “How could you be a hero?” This encourages children to share their feelings and strengthens the bond between reader and child.

Boldly illustrated in vibrant colors, Superhero is highly recommended and makes a great gift for any kids who see their dad as their own personal superhero.

About Author Don M. Winn

Don Winn is the award-winning author of Superhero as well as the children’s novel Sir Kaye the Boy Knight Book One: The Knighting of Sir Kaye. He has written nine additional picture books, including Space Cop Zack, Protector of the Galaxy; The Higgledy-Piggledy Pigeon; Twitch the Squirrel and the Forbidden Bridge; and Shelby the Cat.

For over 15 years Don Winn has written poetry and children’s picture books. He has faced many challenges, including dyslexia, in order to achieve his dream of being an author. Mr. Winn shares many personal experiences on his blog http://cardboardboxadventures.wordpress.com/ in the hope that it can be of help and inspiration to others facing similar challenges.

Superhero: Everyone Needs a Hero is currently available in paperback as well as hardcover and eBook versions.

All are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the iBookstore.

For further information, please visit www.donwinn.com

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