Publishing and Editing Services

Distribution Account Setup: $375

We will setup an account for you for print-on-demand distribution of your book through,, and more than 35,000 bookstores and libraries. 100% of the profit will be paid to you. You will be able to order your book for personal needs at true print cost. We will setup an account for your book for eBook distribution through Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo, and Sony Reader.  (Distribution account providers will charge additional one time fees of $260.)

Editorial Critique: $200

An editor will review your manuscript, providing feedback that will allow you to update your script and have the knowledge that your book is up to the standards of any traditionally published work.

The editor will provide additional recommendations with regard to the level of edit that the manuscript could benefit from; proofread, copy edit, or substantial edit. These services truly add a professional touch to your manuscript.

Remember, that everything our editors recommend are based solely upon their opinions and expertise—you may follow their comments to the letter, incorporate some, or reject them all.  It’s your work and your decision.

Substantive Edit: $6 per page (280 words per page)

Substantive editing is a heavy editing pass. It takes a comprehensive look at the overall intent and feel of a transcript. Much of the substantive editor's efforts are to help the final product make sense, to improve overall clarity and accuracy, and to challenge the author to be certain that the transcript's content is correct. A substantive edit generally includes looking for improvements in imagery, setting, foreshadowing, context, point of view, proportion, characterization, dialogue, plot, and general readability. We look for clarity, continuity, tone, structure, organization, and layout. A substantive editor may reorganize paragraphs and sentences, and rewrite segments to improve readability and presentation.

Please Note: A substantive edit does not include Scripture or end note checks, nor checking the accuracy of Greek, Hebrew, or any other foreign language text. Author is responsible for checking the accuracy of all Scripture verses, end notes, and foreign language text before submission.

(Change the quantity to reflect your page count. Divide your word count by 280 to determine number of typeset pages needed)

Mechanical Editing: $3 per page

Our Mechanical Editing, done by Chicago Manual of Style editing standards, goes far beyond proofreading to comprehensive manuscript coverage, and includes detailed editing for structural continuity and accuracy. This includes...

Spelling errors:

Basic spelling errors
Errors involving similar spelling or sound alike:
- “there,” “their,” and “they're
- “affect” and “effect”
- “two, ”too,” and “to”
- “it ’s” and “its”
Errors in both singular and plural possessives

Punctuation errors:

En dashes and em dashes
Quotation marks
Run-on sentences and sentence fragments

Grammar errors:

Subject and verb usage
Tense problems
Plural and singular problems
Basic word, sentence and paragraph syntax

Changes in word choice:

Overused words
More clear word choices
Point out offensive words


Suggest improvements to enhance the content.
Add or delete sections of the manuscript
Reorder material
Check formatting of references cited
Identify inconsistencies or contradictions within the text
Make changes in plot, concept or character definition
Characterization details
Basically change the content, flow or author’s writing style in any manner

(Change the quantity to reflect your page count. Divide your word count by 280 to determine number of typeset pages needed)

Proofread: $1.50 per page with a 50 Page Minimum (Divide your word count by 280 to determine number of pages needed)

We have the manuscript proofread. Incorrect grammar and punctuation, pesky typos, and spelling mistakes can detract from the overall purpose of your book. Proofreading covers the basics: spelling, grammatical usage, composition, and minor inconsistencies. Essentially, this means finding the mistake so you are not embarrassed.

(Change the quantity to reflect your page count.)

Typesetting: $2.00 per page (divide your word count by 280 to determine number of typeset pages needed)

(Change the quantity to reflect your page count.)

Cover Design: $500 (Print and E-book)


Cover Design: $300 (E-book only)


Advanced Book Trailer 

Basic Book Trailer

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