Best Low-Cost Way to Promote Books

Are You Sitting Down? This is going to blow your mind!

We want everyone to see this research data based on our recent completion of case studies. We are passionate about finding low-cost ways to help authors promote their books.

This case study conclusively shows the Book Advertising Network we have created generates lower-cost exposure than anything currently available.

"The month after I used your strategies to promote my KDP Free Days, my royalties increased by more than 7 times!"
 - Stephen Schochet, Author of Hollywood Stories 

We can drive 2,000 targeted book buyers to your webpage for only $150

This is a great tool for promoting KDP Select Free Days, a special discounted price or offer, blog post, or book video.

"My book video views increase nearly double the 2,000 views I purchased. That means people recommended it to friends!"
 - Greg Messel, Author of Sam Slater Mysteries

 While we can't guarantee results, this is a very low-cost way to create massive exposure for your book.

Please pay and complete questionnaire below, and we will contact you within 48 hours regarding launching your campaign. (Video: How to Place an Order)

$150 for 2,000 visitors

$350 for 10,000 visitors

$750 for 25,000 visitors

Complete the questionnaire Here:

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